Oran Mor, Dornoch

Project Description

This project allowed us to work again with the same clients who owns Rainbows’ End. The brief was for a beautiful two bedroom house that would again take in the amazing views of Loch Fleet. The house had to have a large living area and we opened these main spaces out onto a private decked area. Our concept drew on the theme of a ‘beach house’ with timber boarding and a hidden path of shingles that leads guests towards the view of the water. Dramatic timber ‘rails’ lead the eye in the direction of the Loch and contrast with the simple form of the house itself with its narrow gables and 45 degree pitched roof. The rails also provide privacy from the road. To compliment the Living, Dining and Kitchen on the ground floor there is also an impressive first floor gallery with frameless glass ballastrading. Once again our clients contribution to the project further enhanced how the property turned out. Guests have enjoyed viewing the landscape from the shower that has open sight lines through the Bedroom.

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