Rhives, Golspie

Project Description

Our clients were an experienced house builder who wanted something different from the type of property they had built before. They owned the neighbouring Grade B Listed Building and wanted a new house to be built within the Walled Garden (which is also part of the Listing). We hand sketched a long, narrow house with a curved roof during an early meeting and the concept was born. We then prepared a 3D model and invited the Planning Officer to meet us on site to view the video of the model while being able to see how it would relate to the elevated area of the Walled Garden. The design approach to have a new form on the site that was notably different from the Listed Building allowed a clear history line to be created and the design was fully supported prior to an application being made. Our client undertook a great deal of the construction themselves and met challenges of sourcing an installer for the standing seal aluminium roof with true vigour. The external walls are clad in heat treated timber boarding. The site looks out over the village of Golspie and our beyond it to the North Sea. The house is remarkably private thanks to the Walled Garden and secluded access.

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